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Neil Arrowsmith
Head of Safeguarding, Welfare & Wellbeing

At Shear Soccer we pride ourselves on ensuring that every single participant who attends our programmes are in the Safest hands possible.  We are delighted to have Neil Arrowsmith as our Head of Safeguarding, Welfare and Wellbeing.


Neil brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our business.  He has previously worked with some large organisations in a variety of settings.  His main role with us is the 'responsibility for promoting safeguarding within the business and working with every member to ensure a safe and inclusive environment'.


  • Designated Safeguarding Lead - Level 3

  • Caring for Children and Young People - Level 3

  • Health & Social Care Leadership - Level 5

  • Institute of Occupational Safety & Health - Level 2

  • Mental Health at Work - Level 2

  • Safer Recruitment - Level 2

  • Prevent Train the Trainers - Level 2

  • Advanced Equality, Diversity & Inclusion - Level 2

  • Child Exploitation and Online Protection Ambassador 

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